Poppy Company 2002-2006 Seadoo GTX, 2005-2006 Seadoo RXT Cover

2002-2006 Seadoo GTX, 2005-2006 Seadoo RXT Cover


This Cover fits the three seater below:


2004-2006 GTX Wakeboard Edition

2004-2006 GTX 4-Tec Ltd Super Charged

2002-2006 GTX 4-Tec

2002-2006 GTX 4-Tec Super Charged

2002-2003 GTX DI

2005-2006 RXT

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Poppy Company Seadoo GTX Cover
Poppy Company GTX Cover Charcoal Grey and Bllack
Poppy Company RXT GTX Cover

Poppy Company covers are very high quality fitted covers. They are made in the USA out of SurLast® fabric which is also made in the USA. They are specifically fit for each model and have the Vacu-Hold™ trailering system which make them perfect for mooring cover, storage cover or trailerable covers. They easy to use and will last a long long time.


  • Made in the USA out of fabric made in the USA
  • Sur Last® Fabric with superior UV resistance and strength.
  • Vacu-Hold® Trailering system that eliminates billowing, buffeting and chafing while allowing easy access to the watercraft for launching and mooring.
  • Tow hook opening
  • Heavy Duty Shock Cord (bungy) sewn in hem
  • Tightly fitted mirror area
  • J-Clips sewn in the hem for added tenting and security.
  • Top stitched seams for added strength.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Outer Armor


What does all this mean? This cover is high quality and made from Sur Last Solution Dyed polyester which is made here in the USA by Glen Raven Mills, the manufacturer of Sunbrella. It is non-abrasive, water and UV resistant fabric. When you team it up with the vacu-hold system, a rubbery/plastic vent that as the air flows over it, pulls the air out of the cover and sucks it tight to the boat. This keeps it from flapping in the wind and rubbing your boat and the grips off. All together, a high end cover for your Sea Doo at a reasonable price. They are in stock and I ship daily. If you have questions, please feel free to call or us.

Cover Features



Shock Cord

J-Clips are sewn in the hem of most of our PWC Covers.  Usually one per side, but on the larger models, there are two per side.  They are located about where the color split is on the hem. They help keep the cover tented and are used instead of straps.

Patented Vacu-Hold Strapless Trailering System – eliminates billowing and buffeting, allowing the cover to travel conforming to the shape of the boat

The cover has a heavy duty shock cord (bungee) sewn in the hem.  The cover rides under the bond line and shock cord keeps the cover tight.

Poppy Company Seadoo GTX Cover
Poppy Company GTX Cover Charcoal Grey and Bllack
Poppy Company RXT GTX Cover