PWC Cover Installation

There is a method to putting the covers are, the fit is tight and if you follow this sequence it will go on easy.

Place the cover over the Handle bars first

  1. Pull the cover over the nose
  2. Pull the cover over the seat
  3. Work the cover down the back.
  4. Attached the j-clips (sewn in the hem 1/2 way down the hull on each side) 2002 and new GTX's, RXT's have (2) on each side). The clips just slip onto the rub rail.  Use these, they keep the cover more tented.
  5. Adjust the shock cord and re-knot.


Cover install video


Boat Cover Installation

Here is a link to a Youtube video of installing the Pole System.  Sorry, audio is lame, lawnmower in background.  Anti-Pooling Pole Install Video

 Our covers are very fitted and trailerable!  The fit, the vacu-hold system, pooling poles system, ratchet boot assembly, cleat reinforcements all work together to keep the cover tight and tented on your boat.

First check your windshield or protruding objects for burrs or sharp edges or things that will snag your cover. If there are any remove them. (Sometimes windshields have sharp metal burrs)         ***Our covers work on the vacuum principle, if you accidentally poke a hole in the cover fix it, don't trailer it with a hole we didn't design in! The cover might not make it safely in the towing trip.

You then install the pooling pole system which is two poles with a series of web that goes to you cleats. The poles telescope and lock into place, the web (white web to front, black web to back) attaches to the cleats. Pole rubber feet on floor, webbing/pole tops making the tent. Always use the pole system, even when you trailer, it keeps it tight and tented and from flapping.  (The Speedster 150 is so small the cover has only one pole).

If your boat has a windshield, close it and pull the webbing over the top. The webbing supports the cover as much as the pole tops.

The cover goes over the top, pull the front on first and work back.

Loosen the ratchet all the way, pull the cover over.  Pull the ratchet strap tight with your left hand, then ratchet tight with your right.  If you ratchet it anywhere on the strap, the ratchet spool will only get tight and the cover. Make sure you pull it tight first then ratchet. The tighter you ratchet, the further down the hull it goes so it can't come off.