Your Budget vs. Marine Fabrics

Marine Fabrics

There are many types of marine fabrics on the market, finding the one that suits your budget and needs is definitely a task. I first want to explain the different types of fabrics on the market so when you go to purchase a cover, you will be a little more informed about the fabric being used.

Solution-Dyed Fabrics: Solution-Dyed means that the dye is added to the fiber when it is in the liquid state. It is then extruded and woven. A solution-dyed fibers color is throughout the whole fiber similar to a carrots color is throughout the whole carrot. It can't wash out and is fade resistant. (Brand names such as Sunbrella® and Dixon®, a solution-dyed acrylic and SurLast® a solution-dyed polyester)

Coated: – (white woven cloth, coated (painted on color) Coating is very water resistant, but not breathable, fabric must be vented! Fabric coated (Colored) side should not contact upholstery, it might rub off. Great for large pontoon covers or tarps. Its usually heavy. One more time, it must be vented or you will have mold growth in your boat!

Piece-Dyed: – white woven cloth dipped in dye. (color is like apple, it is only on the surface of the fiber) Lower end covers, it fades and degrades faster. Cost less, great for indoor dust covers.

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